One-stop defi on Astar Network

With simple UI and design for High APY, it enables High-Frequency Trade on Astar Network.
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Everything you want
in a Defi is here.

Built on the Astar Network, ArthSwap is your one-stop-platform for all the Defi services you need.

Our Backers

supported by the Astar Network and the powerful backers of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Arthswap is a Astar-native, super-agile and fast growing team. It is such an opportunity for us to support multi-chain defi project on Astar like Arthswap. ArthSwap would become to fundamental infrastructure in Web3 world, growing with Astar Network.

Sota Watanabe
Sota Watanabe

Astar Network Founder
Next Web Capital Founder

We were impressed by the ArthSwap team and their long-term vision for the protocol. We believe ArthSwap has the potential to become the DeFi hub of Astar Network and we are excited about the various ways in which they plan to innovate.

Gianni Renzi​

Hypersphere Ventures

We are beginning to witness the growth of the most promising projects within Polkadot, and with ArthSwap as a one-stop hub for DeFi products that is taking a first-mover attitude, within the Astar Network, to offer the industry a highly efficient way to participate in liquidity mining, staking, lending and much more, we expect to seem them succeed thanks to the great team that has brought this project to life.

James Wo

DFG Founder and CEO

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